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If wildlife are allowed to flourish, the environment will also be there in abundance for the future of mankind...


MY PASSION is preserving our natural resources for the future - our action will determine wildlife's habitat and their ability to survive. A healthy earth is our legacy to future generations.

MY APPROACH is to educate children and adults alike to take positive action. My slideshows "spread the word" through the excitement created by wildlife.

FUN LEARNING I started this passion when I was 45 while the president of a successful business in Hawaii - learning about cameras and wildlife behaviors.  My education was enhanced as I traveled worldwide with professional photographers - we are in "position" to get great images! My intention is to use the wildlife photos as an educational tool and not make it a business.

THE FOCUS is always on creating and nurturing conservation awareness. The wildlife images are effective in gaining and keeping the audience's attention while the message is delivered in a simple understandable way.

Wildlife Affiliations:

Polar Bears International - 15 years as Executive Committee                                                          Chair, Board of Director

           We started and developed PBI into an organization...

           We brought the 5 countries with bears together...

           We brought "captive and wild" scientists together...

           We set standards for captive bears...

           Partnered with AZA to network education...

           We educated millions of folks...

World Wildlife Fund  - project involvement

Honolulu Zoological Society - Chairman of the Board

Amboseli Elephant Trust - fund raising

Nature Conservancy - Hawaii involvement

The Cougar Fund

National Wildlife Federation


"Let's do the right thing" 

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         cell :     808-721-2482

         email :

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